• David Bouska

Championship Brisket in the Backyard

Have you searched the internet looking for that one perfect way to prep and cook a beef brisket? Look no further, this is it. Below you will find the inside truth to a real championship beef brisket.

Trim excess fat off the top surface and side of the brisket flat, this will expose the muscle fibers. Be careful to only remove the fat and the thin silver looking skin off the brisket and try not to take off the meat. Don’t remove the thick layer of fat located on the bottom of the flat, I will explain this later.

Ingredients: For cooking a 14-18 pound brisket

3/4 cup of Prime Brisket Injection or Liquid Beef injection

Grilling Addiction Rub. and Premium Rub

Our favorite wood is pecan, please use what you feel works for you.

With the brisket meat exposed you will see 2 large fat pockets on each side of the brisket flat, very carefully carve these out, this second muscle that you will expose is called the point and will be used to make Burnt Ends - when cooked properly this will be the best part of the brisket and the hit of any party.

Trim the bottom of the flat part of the brisket, leaving 1/2 inch of fat on the bottom of the brisket.

Completely trim the point off exposing all the red meat that the point has.

Mix the Butcher BBQ Prime Beef Injection as directed and let set for 30 minutes before using. It will have the consistency of thin gravy. Using a kitchen syringe inject the brisket every inch in a grid pattern. While injecting, be sure to slowly remove the needle so you don’t fill just one spot of the brisket up causing an injection pocket. Using this process do the complete brisket point and flat.

When injecting is complete wipe any excess injection off the surface and apply the first layer of our grilling Addiction then layer the flavor with our Premium Rub. Place the meat back in the refrigerator and let rest for 4-8 hours.

After brisket has rested for a period of time, place it in your smoker and cook at 250 degrees, using the rule of 1 hour for every pound of meat. Using a good meat thermometer check the brisket and when it hits 155 degrees it is time to wrap.

Put the point on heavy duty aluminum foil, place a ¼ stick of butter and a ¼ cup of beef broth and wrap - this will make the burnt ends. Wrap the brisket flat with 1/4 cup of beef broth only.

Place both back into the smoker and continue cooking. The flat will finish before the point, pull it out when the internal temperature of the flat reaches 203-206. While that is resting in the foil, check the point and pull it out when it reaches 215 degrees.

When the flat has rested and the point is done, slice the flat and apply some of the aujus from the foil to serve it with. Remove the point and cut it into 1 inch cubes and tumble them with Butcher BBQ Sweet Sauce to make delicious burnt ends and serve.

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