• David Bouska

How serious is your BBQ Game?

Let start off by stating the old saying. be very careful for what you wish for. If you'r a back yard cook that feels they have game and can throw the absolute best block party. Then someone says we should make a team and go do a contest. I will say practice this so much at home before getting to the contest. This crazy game we play cooking for judges is way worse than making your in-laws happy. Can this be accomplished, you bet. The life span of a new cook team is about 5 years. So invest what you can learn the rules of the game before going. Visit https://www.kcbs.us/ so you know how to do whats required and still have fun. After doing a couple contest and you tell yourself I want to see what the other teams are doing and Comp BBQ classes are what your thinking check out ours at https://www.butcherbbq.com/ and in the menu bar click "BBQ CLASSES". This will take the learning curve off real fast.

Now the next step, You head down to the bank to deposit the checks from your contest last weekend and the bank teller says could you cater my Daughters wedding. You decide to make some side money on the gig and its a big hit. You invest in some simple holding dishes and maybe a larger variety of gadgets and tools. Then 6 months later you decide I think I want to invest in a food truck and start to do carnivals and fairs. So you work for another 6 months laying out and fixing the only one you could afford at the time. Mean while your telling your spouse how this could roll into a side gig and you could some day go to part time at the office job you have and just do this (because its so much fun) and the money is going to be better. The next spring rolls around and you get your Health Department permits and off you go.

Then all of sudden you have been killing at the local food courts and carnivals and a very well know local business owner tells you he has a spot in front of his business he would like for you to set and stay. Or he says would you be interested in cooking for me at my local bar and I sell your pulled pork/chicken wings/brisket dinners/just anything. So you work out a deal and he now has your name in his place. While your still trying to do your truck. Time passes and you think Hey I'm way to invested in this and I feel I can open my own place.........................

BBQ Is fun. BBQ is great food. BBQ is a lifestyle. BBQ is a destination. BBQ is perfecting your craft. BBQ is all the above and if your still reading this hoping to find that nugget of inspiration. All I have to say is if that fire is not in your gut in your own back yard cook (beginning of this read) its not for you. But if it is, you will soar to some of the funnest times ever allowed from a career you will ever have.

I would love to help with this journey and supply your needs. Trust Your Butcher

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