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Its all fun and Games

When I decided to rebuild the website the first thing i did was look at the pictures and then everything else started me thing fro there. Like will my podcast connect, can I add new payment methods, how can I make the store user friendly, and so many more things I had to juggle to make it work. As a business person I am always wanting to try to stay on top of SEO and Google searches. I can only do what I know. yes I can pay to have this done and maybe I should. But as an small biz owner I try to keep it simple and doable to where I can make changes and know I get the best bang for my buck. Lets be real, I don't make large margins off a 9.99 Honey rub bottle.

Not all seems as they are. You have to watch as much videos and learn form those that have already blazed this trail.

Now that the site is functional and I see things I need to change I will. So then I started thinking of a way to help get recipes out to you. I am not the go to cook that has time or likes to do step by step short videos. I have done some and have terrible footage when I was done. I tried this again and same results. So I started looking for someone that could set up, cook edit and do these so its one thing I can take off my plate. I have found this person and those will be starting to be seen this year. Now if your one that like to do this also contact me via our contact form and lets get you on board and send out your videos.

A follower sent this to me and told me to use it any where I wanted. So if this is what you can do I love it. Lets post it on our Facebook page and start with these.

That is all I have for now thanks for reading.

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