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Smoked Lobster & Crab Fries w/ Garlic Yogurt Sauce

If smoking crab and lobster is something you have not tried yet, you are in for a treat. I am always looking for something new to throw on the smoker, and smoking crab and lobster imparts a flavor that you can't achieve with conventional steam or boiling techniques. Some pitmasters argue the shell does not allow the flavorful smoke to penetrate the meat but believe me, this recipe packs enough smokey flavor to tickle any BBQ lover's tastebuds. The smoked fries and garlic yogurt sauce, combined with the award-winning seasonings from Butcher BBQ, add a tasty complexity to this simple recipe. So, fire up the smoker, invite over some seafood lovers and let's get started!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 60 minutes

Smoker Temp: 225°F / 450°F

Wood: Apple


1 lb Crab Claws

1 lb Lobster Claws

4 Potatoes

2 Chives chopped

1 Tb Lemon Juice

1 cup Yogurt

1/2 cup Mayonaise

4 Garlic cloves minced

1/2 cup Melted Butter

1 Tb Butcher BBQ's Premium Rub

1/2 Tb Butcher BBQ's Longhorn Dust Seasoning

1/2 Tb Wyld Seasoning Mountain Stream Fish Seasoning

Butcher BBQ's Chipotle Grilling Oil

Bring your smoker to an even temperature of 225°F degrees. Then add your apple wood chips. We will smoke the potatoes and seafood together, and when the crab and lobster are ready to remove, crank up the heat to finish the fries.

Place the lobster and crab on the bottom rack and your cut potato fries up on top. Obviously, the larger cut fires will take longer to cook through, and if you are using sweet potatoes, parboil first and then slice and grill. Next, put your melted butter, a Tb of lemon juice, Longhorn Dust and Mountain Stream Fish Seasoning, and 1/4 of your minced garlic in a mixing bowl. Stir the ingredients together and brush any exposed meat on your crab and lobster while smoking them.

Set the shelled seafood on the smoker for about 30 minutes. Baste with your butter mixture and flip about every 10 minutes.

Remove the crab and lobster from the grill when ready and turn up the heat to 450°F. Place the fries down and baste with Butcher BBQ's Chipotle Grilling Oil before closing the lid. While those taters are roasting, we can create the garlic yogurt sauce, allowing the seafood to cool before shelling.

I am using a Middle Eastern Yogurt, which has a mildly sour taste, so I will only use a tablespoon of lemon juice. However, if you are using a sweeter Greek Yogurt, then you can add more lemon juice.

Add the yogurt, mayonnaise, Premium Rub, and the remaining lemon juice and minced garlic in a mixing bowl and stir well until combined. I love garlic, and this sauce is strong enough to keep and pesky neighborhood vampires from crashing your bbq.

If you would like to warm up the sauce before serving, avoid using a cast iron skillet due to the acidity.

Check on those fries and baste with Chipotle Grilling Oil and flip until the outside is crisp—Pierce with a fork or sharpened stick to check their doneness.

When all the pieces of our smoked puzzle are ready, throw your hot fries on a plate and scatter your shelled smoked seafood on top. Add your cheese, garlic yogurt sauce, and chives in that order, and gaze upon the messy site of seafood scrumptiousness. It smells as delicious as it looks. Enjoy as an appetizer or entree for two, and feel free to add more award-winning Butcher BBQ seasonings as you see fit. Bon Appetite!

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