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Smokin’ Cast-Iron Frittata

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Throw another egg of the barbie...Q. Talk about versatile: A fantastic frittata can be served for any meal of the day; it tastes delicious warm or cold, and can even be filled with leftover dinner. Using our smoker to pump in maple flavoring, we can make ourselves a smokin' cast-iron frittata in 60 min or less. The best part is frittatas are easier to cook than they are to spell.

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30-45 minutes

Grill Temp: 400°F

Wood: Maple


Eggs, Spinach, Sweet Potato, Garlic, Onion, Heavy Cream, Cheddar Cheese, Butter, Salt

Wyld Seasoning: Apple & Bleu Cheese Summer Sausage Mix from Butcher BBQ

Wyld Seasoning: New Mexico Hatch Chili Summer Sausage Mix from Butcher BBQ

A 2-quart baking dish would work well for this recipe, but I chose to use my 12" cast-iron skillet. Whatever size you use, remember that larger pans will make for shallower frittatas and cook faster.

Fire up your grille to 400°F and begin chopping the onions and garlic. Add a healthy slab of butter to a pan and turn to medium heat on the stovetop. I love aromatics, so I threw four cloves of garlic and half an onion into the pan. Chop finely or grate the sweet potato and mix it into the pan—Cook the potatoes thoroughly.

Leave the vegetables uncovered and add the spinach. I used about 2 cups of spinach. When the potatoes have cooked through, turn the heat down and crack your eggs into a bowl. I seasoned my eggs with two different summer sausage seasoning mixes from Butcher BBQ; the Apple & Bleu Cheese and the New Mexico Hatch Chili.

Now call me old fashion, but I couldn't enjoy a meatless frittata unless it tasted a little like sausage. In all honesty, these two spices complement each other and this isn’t the first time I have dashed the seasonings on my breakfast. The pair add a smoky maple heat to any bite. I sprinkled a teaspoon each into the egg mix as well as about an oz of heavy cream.

Don't over beat the eggs. Beat the eggs only enough to blend the whites and yolks. Over beating will cause the frittata to poof in the oven, which leaves an uneven frittata. Pour the egg mixture into the cast-iron with the vegetables and shredded cheddar cheese over the top. I ended up cracking a ninth egg into the middle of my uncooked frittata and put a dash more of the Apple & Bleu Cheese on everything.

Now that the prep is over, the recipe is almost finished. When the smoker is at 400°F, place your cast-iron into the middle of the grill and close the lid. That's it. Depending on the thickness of your fatal, it may take 30-45 minutes for it to cook all the way through. So simple, yet the taste is complex enough to keep my tastebuds firing. Eat a slice right out of the pan or throw it between pieces of toast for a smokin’ great breakfast sandwich. I chose all of the above.

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