• David Bouska

The Daily Grind......

Last week was non stop from chasing down PO's we have placed, getting in the items we were running short on. We did get a chance to a Podcast taped. It will be published this week. I have always struggled with videos. I have always wanted to find someone that would do all the heavy lifting with this sales tool and just let me do what I like to do and thats sell. So if your interested be sure to contact me on this.

Website, yea if your reading this you have seen our new site. I wanted to make something user friendly and easy to find our products to buy with out having to click several pages to find it. If you see something on another site that is really nice and I need to look into offering it be sure to drop us a line on our contact form so we can stay up with the times.

New Items, yep we listened and I am hear to tell you that we have added gallon sauce to the product line. I appreciate you taking the time to tell us what you want to use.

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