• David Bouska

Things we have learned listening to you on BBQ Mud

One our newest and most anticipated item we have ever developed is our BBQ Mud. Since this product is out we have been getting some great feed back on how the flavor is liked and ways its being used.

Some of fun things we have been told about the flavor is " Its like Worcestershire on crack" "This stuff is addictive".

Methods of application is the obvious like marinading with it for hours all the way to just brushing it on before cooking. Some great things we have learned is mixing it directly into ground beef to make some great pizza toppings and championship chili. Some of my favorites has been using a cast iron on a stove top with medium heat with fresh mushrooms and pour the BBQ Mud directly in the skillet and sauté with it.

We have also heard about it being used a condiment after the cook just like bbq sauce or a steak sauce.

Now the history of BBQ Mud. In 2017 we were cooking some cowboy wagyu rib steaks on the tv show BBQ Pit Masters All Stars. We (Levi and Myself) was doing a reverse sear style cook and during the cook we started to apply one of our first versions of it, it was a paste form. While spreading it on Myron ask us what is that we were using. Levi whispered it looks like mud and I heard him. So I spoke up and yelled out BBQ Mud. They loved it and we won the episode. The world has been asking for it ever since.

I would like to now if anyone knows of a way to use this in a drink.

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