Created by a Champion Pit Master & Proudly Made in the USA, This Brisket Injection Takes Your Smoked Beef Brisket to New Levels of Luscious Flavor & Juicy Tenderness.

If you've ever smoked brisket on your smoker or grill, you know how dry & bland it can get after hours of very slow cooking. 


Rubs can help, but they only season the surface. How can you flavor & tenderize your entire brisket for that mouthwatering Texas-style taste?


Check Out Butcher BBQ Prime Brisket Injection


Famous for championship quality, this injectable marinade suffuses your whole beef brisket with naturally rich flavor, spicy zest & succulent moisture. 


Your Butcher Meat Injection Offers:


  • A premium gourmet blend of select seasonings, hearty beef & savory beef stock

  • Naturally scrumptious taste – no gluten, no fat, no sugar, no artificial preservatives

  • Sealed-in freshness – comes in an easy-to-close canister (a Butcher BBQ Exclusive) complete with a free bonus scoop for no-fuss measuring

  • Cost-effective value – each 1-lb. canister can season up to 8 briskets

Incredibly Easy to Use

How to use Prime Brisket Injection?

Simply mix 3 level scoops of injection with 2 cups of water and/or other liquid. Then use an injector (not included) to shoot the mixture into the meat. For best results, inject the whole flat of the brisket in a checkerboard pattern. 


That's it – you're set to smoke. No need to wait days while your meat marinates the old-fashioned, time-wasting way. You’ll be barbecuing like a champion in minutes.



Prime Brisket Injection Marinade

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    • Moist tender smoked brisket
    • Easy Texas style brisket with full flavor
    • Gluten Free
    • Easy to close canister
    • Free scoop with each purchase
    • Complete instruction on package
    • Made in the USA
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein (hydrolyzed soy and corn protein and salt, with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil [cottonseed, soybean] added),beef,beef stock,monosodium glutamate, sodium phosphate, and xanthin gum.

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